Classic boat
'The Stella’s beauty, sailingweb based trading platform in Pakistan performance and space combine to produce a class that lives up to its reputation its average purchase price resulting in a classic that is more than worthy of consideration if you’re looking for an affordable classic.'

June 2013

The Stella featured in the top 300 designs featured in Classic Boat Magazine.'

Yachting World
Burnham Week 1961

'Last year a new Holman designed sloop Stella was launched by Tucker Browns two days before the week and took seven firsts in a row. One year later, twenty-four yachts have been built and another twenty-four are on order, which must be about theweb trading platform in Pakistan quickest growth of a keel-boat class in history. Fourteen starters came to the line in this new class, which is strictly controlled, and the places were well spread. Starlight of Mersea (R. Hill) did best with three firsts and three seconds but she did not have things all her own way by any means and several of the local boats were hard on her heels. Whirlwind II (R. S. Wilkins) which was sailed by several different people during the week, did well, and Starshell, owned by the designer of the class, C. R. Holman, had a first, a second, a third and two fourths.'
The Stella Association has been revived in recent years and is strongly supported by a growing number of owners, crew and others whose aim is to look after and further the interests of the class. The number of boats in commission is probably now the highest since the class was new in the 1960s. 2009 saw the 50th anniversary of the class, and the association is more active than ever. The association organises sailing and social events throughout the year and keeps members informed through mailings, an annual directory and severalnewsletters reporting on past events and future plans, as well as articles and general chat. The association also keeps an informal eye on the whereabouts of the boats and who owns them. New members are welcome. A full subscription (for owners) is currently £15 per boat, to include a maximum two owners at the same address; additional owners can opt to be associate members. Associate membership (for non boat owners) is £10. Contact the General Secretary for more information
Gatherings and Events 2014
We have an invite to attend at The Cowes Classics 21st to the 25th July.
Mesrsea Week 10th 16th August.

Only the first three days (Sun, Mon, Tues) count towards this year’s Championship but I am sure some will be doing the whole week. Entry forms can be got from the web. Entries should be in by the 2nd August although web site say you can enter up to before 9.00 on the day of the race subject to a late entry fee. ( Note the Town Regatta is later this year on the 30th not the Saturday after Mersea Week.)

Suffolk Yacht Harbour Autumn Classic Regatta. 6thweb trading platform and 7th September. Two races to count towards Championship. Those who attended the Summer regatta should be on the SYH mailing list but for others contact the Gen Sec.

It is hoped to hold the AGM in mid/late November. Date and venue to be arranged.