Quite a few Stellas have made their way across the North Sea and several remain in Dutch ownership. Some we know and are in contact with, others are still missing and we would love to hear any information about the ownership and whereabouts of these boats.

Red Sirius (47) was for a long time kept by Hans van't Slot in Sint Maaartensdijk, where he was commodore of the local sailing club. The boat was rebuilt some time ago with an extra top plank fitted to give increased headroom. We hear the boat has been for sale recently.

After being off the radar for 19 years or so, number 55, Scarlet's previous owners got in touch with the association shortly before she was acquired by Bernetta and Eric van Wel-Harting who keep the boat in immaculate condition in Herkingen, on the Gravelingenmeere.
Stellas Across The North Sea
Scarlet in Herkingen, on the Gravelingenmeere
Carina (57) was for many years based in Veere, owned by Sal Colpaert. Sal sold her in 2007 and while the boat has been seen subsequently, still in Veere, we do not know who the current owner is.

Scatty (81) turned up on a broker's list in 2009. We know she was sold, but again do not where she went or to whom. The boat was certainly in good order though.

Sung Foon (86) was last known about ten years ago when she was owned by Eric & Karen Magendens from Hengelo. Eric sadly died and the family moved away, and we have now lost contact.

Spica (87) we know about. For a long time owned by merchant seaman Ardjen Dijkstra the boat was based at Rietpol, Spaarndam. Ardjen sold her a few years ago to wooden boat enthusiasts Bas Cloo and Stephan Lambrechts, who keep the boat in immaculate condition on the Ijslemeer.

Number 28, Vega of Burnham is possibly the furthest Stella and not Dutch at all, being based in Denmark. Long term owner David Pierce keeps her in Friederikssund, Zealand.
Vega of Burnham