by John Sparks
This is just a handy title which has been given to a number of articles which I have gradually been compiling since 2006. “Hints and Tips on Stella Maintenance” is perhaps a more accurate description of the spirit in which they have been written. They are my views and not those of the Stella Class Association.

I am not trying to tell you what to do. It just a description of what I have found worked for me and what did not while I have been maintaining LYS (No 96) over the last twenty one years. Hopefully you will find it useful. The articles may give you some idea as to what you might find and what to expect if you start taking things to bits or if you are encountering problems.

Many of you may already have your own views and methods of maintenance which may differ from mine but I would like to think we are a “broad church” at the SCA and can agree to differ. I would however hope that you will at least bear in mind the slightly hackneyed concept that we are just the custodians of these boats. Hopefully we can hand them on, or better still sell them on, to the next generation knowing that the boats are still broadly in keeping with the original design concepts of the class. Ultimately, however, it is down to each individual owner to take responsibility for their decisions about what to do with their own boat.

Parts of the manual were originally published on the web site in 2010 but as one big lump. In order to make it more accessible it has been broken down into separate sections which have been revised. Four new sections have been added. These can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant part:
Lys of Slaughden - number 96
It is my intention to add a section on decks, coach roofs, rubbing strakes, toe rails etc. at some point in the future and possibly a section on the change from Stuart to Yanmar but, thinking about it, I expect that most boats will already have been there and got the T shirt.

I have included a glossary of terms; sometimes people have a different understanding of a technical terms or use different names and if mine do not match yours, I am sorry.

I hope you find the manual useful and good luck.

John Sparks February 2012